Introducing our New Sit Stand Desk!

The new ALTA Sit to Stand Adjustable Height Desk has a state of the art design that stands out far beyond any other height adjustable work center available! The ALTA Sit Stand Desk features a unique open frame design that extends to accommodate table-tops from 48″ to 80″ wide. Additionally, the base is made up of durable steel channels that connect both columns for a dependable lifting force of up to 350 lbs! The need for a cross channel has been eliminated to give you all the necessary leg and storage space that you require. The height adjustment for this electric desk ranges from 24.5″ to 50.5″ at a speed of 1.5″ per second. Unlike other heavy duty desks, the Deluxe Sit Stand Desk features an internal motor on each lifting column which isolates the noise with smooth synchronized lifting.

Sit Stand Desk - ALTA DeskProgrammable Height Control

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Sit Stand Desk – Bloomberg Businessweek – Kill Your Desk Chair and Start Standing


Bloomberg Businessweek is joining the fun with a sit stand desk article

This write up is based off a study completed by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La.  Click the link below to read the article.

It has been a great week here at

We are seeing an upswing in educational and office environments upgrading to sit stand desks.  A sit to stand desk can provide prompt relief to help alleviated disabled workers who experience constant neck, back, or shoulder discomfort.

On a broader scale it is necessary to note that businesses are being more proactive to implement sit stand desks to limit potential liability issues and to maximize worker health and well-being.

Comfortable and flexible changes such as these should make us all get up and stand!!!!!!

LCD Monitor Arm VESA Plate Compatability



Monitor Arm VESA Plate Compatibility

Welcome to Innovative In today’s Innovative Tech Minute we will review Monitor Arm VESA Compatibility.  The question you must ask. Will your Monitor, attach to an ergonomic Monitor ARM?

The 3 Key Components

- The Monitor Itself
- The Star VESA Adapter Plate
- The Tilter Mechanism

Component 1 – The Monitor

Does your monitor have the four VESA Spaced Internal Threads ???? These threads are Located on the Back of your Monitor.

Component 2 – The Star VESA Adapter Plate

Standard VESA plate hole patterns range from 75 by 75mm spacing or 100 by 100mm spacing. VESA Plate Sizing are available for Larger Monitors.

 Component 3 – The Tilter Mechanism

 The Tilter is the key component that gives the monitor its ergonomic functionality.  This fosters the Right to Left Up & Down Tilt Flexibility.

 Lets Not Forget

If your monitor does not have the 4 centered VESA screw ins. Don’t Replace That Perfectly Good Monitor.Keep the one you have. Go Green.We have solutions for all non VESA compliant Monitors.  Call or go online & we will find the solution that is right for you.  Get your own Monitor ARM Today!


Now that is Innovative & Essential! – Get Up, Stand Up, For Your Life: Can Standing Desks Fight Sitting Disease?


Awesome article from

This article reviews price, usability, and the convenience of the sit to stand desk. What advice does recommend?

Comfortable and flexible changes involving the implementation of sit stand desks
in all business environments will only grow exponentially over the next couple of years.

Some may comment that the ability to stand at a desk seems out of place, but let’s not
underestimate the power of our improve wellness, eat organic, stay young, stay beautiful society.
Green products that improve health and well-being are here to stay.

Our recent data is showing big upgrades in educational and office related industries.
Sit to stand desks will improve worker conditions for those with disabilities.
On the proactive side we project that businesses will implement sit to stand
desk solutions to sustain and improve worker comfort to increase retention
and to offset health care costs.

Now that is Innovative & Essential.