Adjustable Height Desk – Make the switch to a Sit Stand Desk!

More and more office professionals are trading their traditional office desk for an adjustable height desk. These ergonomic sit stand desks have been on the market for several years but have slowly made their way into the corporate sector and have even been adopted by many home users as well. In recent years, adjustable height desks have proven to be the desk of choice for users who spend long hours in front of a computer.

According to many research studies, sitting for long hours is bad for the body and health. Body aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk for long periods throughout the day include soreness of neck and shoulder, lower back pain, forearm and wrist pain. Overtime these repetitive activities can lead to greater and more serious health risks. Not to mention cardiovascular problems associated with low activity while sitting. The health benefit alone is reason enough to consider an ergonomic adjustable height desk!

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