LCD Monitor Arm VESA Plate Compatability



Monitor Arm VESA Plate Compatibility

Welcome to Innovative In today’s Innovative Tech Minute we will review Monitor Arm VESA Compatibility.  The question you must ask. Will your Monitor, attach to an ergonomic Monitor ARM?

The 3 Key Components

- The Monitor Itself
- The Star VESA Adapter Plate
- The Tilter Mechanism

Component 1 – The Monitor

Does your monitor have the four VESA Spaced Internal Threads ???? These threads are Located on the Back of your Monitor.

Component 2 – The Star VESA Adapter Plate

Standard VESA plate hole patterns range from 75 by 75mm spacing or 100 by 100mm spacing. VESA Plate Sizing are available for Larger Monitors.

 Component 3 – The Tilter Mechanism

 The Tilter is the key component that gives the monitor its ergonomic functionality.  This fosters the Right to Left Up & Down Tilt Flexibility.

 Lets Not Forget

If your monitor does not have the 4 centered VESA screw ins. Don’t Replace That Perfectly Good Monitor.Keep the one you have. Go Green.We have solutions for all non VESA compliant Monitors.  Call or go online & we will find the solution that is right for you.  Get your own Monitor ARM Today!


Now that is Innovative & Essential!

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