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Innovative 7500 Deluxe LCD Monitor Arm - Heavy Duty LCD Mount

Innovative 7500 Deluxe LCD Monitor Arm - Heavy Duty LCD Mount

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Date Added: Tuesday 19 June, 2012

by Chris Benson

My office recently purchased (6) of these for use on our 30 inch cinema displays. The product is solid & well built, that much is certain. The fit & finish are both very quality. The only observations I've made thus far are... the cable management does exactly what it claims to do, it just needs a little help. The cables on our displays fit everywhere they're supposed to along the arm. But they are also so dang stiff & thick that when we raise/lower the arm... the wires routinely pop the black plastic pieces that are there to conceal them off. So w/ some modifications (zip ties & bread twists) we've managed to keep the cords from exerting so much force against the poorly secured caps - thus keeping them on the arm where they belong..... not on the floor behind our desks! In my humble opinion, there are two things that need some attention in order for this to be a flawless product.... The first of course is some extra care in how the cord management system fastens to the arm itself. Cuz the current itty bitty hook & slot method kinda sucks! The second (and minor) suggestion would be to make it so that the pivot point at the end of the arm, where the monitor/display tilts, doesn't creak like a 10,000lb wood door w/ no lube. This may be something super easy to fix on my own? haven't yet attacked that problem. And it may be that the 30inch display is just pushing this product to it's limit? I dunno? but it creaks LOUDLY!... and until recently, all the cord concealment caps were popping off in a rhythmic manner several times a day. All in all though... I give this product a two thumbs up rating! LOVE IT! I've gained sooooooo much desk/workspace back since installing it. It affords nearly endless positioning for individual user comfort. If you can part w/ the the money... get it! The only other item of interest for readers here may be to pay extra attention to your (on thru-desk mounting applications) overall thickness. I had to run down to the local hardware store for some longer bolts. The ones that came w/ the product were about .5 inches short. I'm sure that part, had I payed more attention to the specs, wouldn't have been a problem at all.

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