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The ALTA Sit Stand Desk is the most innovative height adjustable desk there is for any home or professional workspace. No need to worry about the standard cross channel, because its been removed, so that you can have all the leg and storage space you need! The whisper quiet internal motors provide over 175 pounds of lifting force per leg, 350lbs of combined lifting capacity.

Available Options:

Grommet Hole:
Laminate Surface Color:
Power/Data Supply:
T-Mold Edge Color:
Table Top Size:

The new ALTA Sit to Stand Adjustable Height Desk has a state of the art design that stands out far beyond any other height adjustable work center available! The ALTA Sit Stand Desk features a unique open frame design that extends to accommodate table-tops from 48″ to 80″ wide. Additionally, the base is made up of durable steel channels that connect both columns for a dependable lifting force of up to 350 lbs! The need for a cross channel has been eliminated to give you all the necessary leg and storage space that you require. The height adjustment for this electric desk ranges from 24.5″ to 50.5″ at a speed of 1.5″ per second. Unlike other heavy duty desks, the Deluxe Sit Stand Desk features an internal motor on each lifting column which isolates the noise with smooth synchronized lifting.

The ALTA Sit Stand Desk is custom made to fit and match your work environment!

The Deluxe Sit to Stand Desk is available in over 25+ colors ranging from solid tones to wood grain finishes. We have partnered with industry leading suppliers of high quality (HPL) high pressure laminates to offer a wide variety of color choices for tops. In addition, the Alta Desk comes in various sizes to fit your work space. We are truly committed to producing quality desks that are custom made to your specifications.

The Deluxe motors quickly and quietly repositions the work surface to just the right height. Motors and gears are housed inside each column and are insulated to minimize noise and vibration.

Advanced Adjustable Height Controls

Set up to 4 preferred height settings on the innovative LED Control Switch. Ideal for multiple user environments where individual height requirements vary. The Up/Down control switch allows for fast and effortless height adjustment. An LED readout displays the current height setting. The sophisticated programming of the control box ensures a synchronized movement of each leg and allows for soft start/stop, proper speed and alignment, and temperature sensors protect circuity and motors to ensure lasting use.

Adjustable Width Frame

An Innovative frame design which can be adapted to an existing top. The frame can be extended to support from a 48” to an 80” table-top without the need to purchase additional components in the future. Simply extend the frame and replace the top!


Height Range

  • Height range: 24½”– 50½”

  • Adjustment speed at 1.5″ per second

Lifting Capacity

  • 350 lbs on a 2-leg workcenter

  • Internal motor in each leg smoothly and quietly raises in synchronization


  • Optimum knee clearance and under worksurface access for accessories such as a pedestal or computer tower. Ideal for wheel chair accessibility.

  • Electric control with up/down switch, 4 programmable height settings, and height readout.

  • Extendable width frame design to accommodate changing needs.

  • Available in 6 sizes and over 25+ laminate colors. Custom colors are available – call for more info.

  • Available in a Silver powder coat base finish

  • Available as a full workcenter with base and top or base only.

Ordering Options

Power / Data Supply (sold separately)

Power and Data Supply Above the Desk Power and Data Supply Option
Power and Data Supply Power, Data, and USB Supply


Grommet Hole

Desk Grommet Option

Grommet holes can be added to your top. Grommet holes are ideal to route power cables and wires through the desk down to the power source.

Nominal vs Actual Dimensions

*Note: Dimensions provided are nominal. Actual widths of all tables are reduced by 2" and depths by 1". For example, a nominal 72" x 72" x 24" large corner table has an actual dimension of 70" x 70" x 23", and a 72" x 30" rectangular table has an actual dimension of 70" x 29"

Nominal Dimensions (Rectangle)
48 x 30
54 x 30
60 x 30
66 x 30
72 x 30
82 x 30


Classic Collection Laminates (2 weeks lead time)

White Spectrum Laminate

Coriander Fiber Laminate

Il Palio Papel Laminate

Gateway Laminate

Opti Gray Laminate

Cavalcade South Laminate Table Color
White Spectrum Coriander Fiber IL Palio Papel Gateway Opti Gray Cavalcade South

Ice Fishin Table Laminate Color

Flokstone Gray Laminate

Hardrock Maple Laminate

Pearwood Laminate

Summer Heat Wave Laminate Table Color

Topica Getaway Laminate Table Color
Ice Fishin Folkstone Gray Hardrock Maple Pearwood Summer Heat Wave Tropical Getaway

Shaker Cherry Laminate

Jewel Mahogany Laminate

Black Ashwood Laminate

Black Laminate

Seems Likatre Laminate Table Color

Appears Likatre Laminate Table Color
Shaker Cherry Jewel Mahogany Black Ashwood Black Seems Likatre Appears Likatre
Leave Likatre Laminate Table Color Looks Likatre Laminate Table Color      


Leave Likatre Looks Likatre        

Designer Collection Laminates (3 weeks lead time) 


Almond Laminate

Putty Gray Laminate

Oatmeal Fiber Laminate

Beige Crepe

Cubicle Papel Laminate

Almond Putty Gray Oatmeal Fiber Beige Crepe Cubicle Papel

Gray Santos Laminate

Negotiating in Geneva Laminate

Gridlock In LA Laminate

Sage Laminate

Thyme Fiber Laminate

Gray Santos Negotiating in
Gridlock in LA Sage Thyme Fiber

Anigre Laminate

Oiled Cherry Laminate

Millwork Cherry Laminate

Honey Maple Laminate

Yorkshire Cherry Laminate

Anigre Oiled Cherry Millwork Cherry Honey Maple Yorkshire Cherry
Moroccan Fresco Laminate

Sipping Seattle Java Laminate

Blue Sandstone Laminate

Travlin Light Laminate Table Color Gold Pannin Laminate Table Color
Moroccan Fresco Sipping Seattle
Blue Sandstone Travlin Light Gold Pannin
Passin Through Laminate Table Color

Amber Raffia II Laminate

Brick by Birck Laminate Table Color Vanilla Fiber Laminate Wheat Fiber Laminate
Passin Through Amber Raffia II Brick by Brick  Vanilla Fiber  Wheat Fiber

Manila Linen Laminate

Taupe Laminate

Caramel Crepe Laminate

Opti Gray Crepe Laminate

Spa White Laminate
Manila Linen Taupe Caramel Crepe Opti Gray Crepe Spa White

Pepper Fiber Laminate

Pepper Fiber        


T - Mold Edge Treatments

T Mold Standard
Standard Edge Treatment

Colors shown below


T- Mold Colors (for Standard Edge Treatment only)

T Mold Color Black T Mold Color Brown White T-Mold Edge Color T Mold Grey  
Black Brown White Grey  


Base Colors



*Note: Actual widths of all tables are reduced by 2" and depths by 1". For example, a nominal 72" x 72" x 24" large corner table has an actual dimension of 70" x 70" x 23", and a 72" x 30" rectangular table has an actual dimension of 70" x 29".

How to Order

Shopping for the right Height Adjustable Desk can be a daunting task. We understand this and therefore, to make this easier for you we've gathered a few tips to help you create your perfect height adjustable workcenter and to show you the right way to create your order. These are some important things that you must keep in mind:

  • Height range - determine the work surface height required. Max height will vary between 42" - 51" depending on desk model. Casters, if purchased, will add 1" to the total height.
  • Size and Shape - Measure your work area and determine the size/dimensions that would best fit. Our top surface dimensions will be 2" shorter in width and 1" shorter in depth. For example, a desk listed at 72x30 nominal dimensions will actually measure 70" x 29". This is due to industry standard and to allow for enough clearance while raising and lowering the desk.
  • Color - Determine the laminate color finish that would best suit your office. We offer over 50+ Laminate color options to choose from.
  • T-Mold Edge - Some of our models offer various edge trim options for you to choose from - standard low profile, wedge, or ripple edge finish.
  • Accessories - Consider an under desk CPU holder to keep wires safe while raising and lowering your desk, a cable management system to keep cables organized, a keyboard tray for even greater flexibility while working, and a monitor arm to position the LCD at the right height.

Production Lead Time

Because our desks are custom made and produced upon ordering our standard lead time will vary. For the most part, our lead time on our workcenters are as follows:

  • Classic Collection Laminate Top: (10) working days for quantity of 20 tables or less
  • Designer Collection Laminates: (20) working days for quantity of 10 tables or less
  • Silhouette Collection worksurfaces: (10) working days for quantity of 10 tables or less
    Base only (10) working days for quantity of 20 tables or less


Our height adjustable desks are shipped via common carriers such as UPS, Estes Express and YRC. Delivery time will vary by location but will typically range between 3-6 days after leaving the warehouse. For residential deliveries carrier will deliver goods to the front entrance. For commercial deliveries where receiving dock is available carrier will unload goods at receiving dock. Otherwise delivery is made to front entrance. Standard delivery service will not include delivery inside a home or office, going up stairs or elevator, or other special requirements.

Please note: Arrangements must be made at time of order if inside delivery, lift gate service, delivery via elevator or stairs, special instructions, or other service will be required. A service fee will apply and will require quoting.

Shipment Damage Claims

All shipments must be carefully inspected by customer before acceptance, and the delivering carrier must record any damage or shortage noted at time of delivery. If customer believes it has uncovered further damage after delivery, immediate inspection by the delivering carrier must be requested. Damaged freight must be kept at point of delivery in original packaging for inspection by carrier. Customer is responsible for seeking appropriate recourse against the carrier, which shall be customer's sole recourse for goods damaged in transit. Please contact us at 1-800-577-3304 if you have noted damages.


Custom and Special Order items are non-returnable/non-exchangeable.


Assembly is required. Workrite designs its products with the goal of minimizing complexity at time of installation. All workcenter tops will have pre-drilled pilot holes to ensure base alignment and positioning of table legs, braces, joining brackets, control panel, and control switch. Installation time can vary between 30 minutes to an hour depending on desk size.

Innovative Essentials does not provide installation services. However, if you require installation services we will help you locate an installation company in your area. Please indicate your requirements at time of order.


Installation or tech support is available by calling the number indicated on your instructions manual. Should you require immediate assistance you may also contact us toll free at 1-800-577-3304.

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